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The Role And Capability Of Best Board Portals For Nonprofit Boards

While commercial and nonprofit boards differ in some ways, they have at least one thing in common: a secure way to store and share digital documents. That’s why companies use a variety of software solutions to improve efficiency and productivity, with the board portal leading the way. These solutions are fully tailored to board requirements and save you time, money, and effort. The software increases the efficiency of your communication and protects your privacy securely. Learn more about the power of board portals for nonprofits in this article. 

Board portals improve communication 

One of the primary responsibilities of a nonprofit board of directors is fundraising and volunteering. These processes require frequent interaction with stakeholders, so companies need to be as effective as possible in these situations. 

Board Portals For Nonprofits reduce the long and mundane process of creating an agenda and preparing a meeting. For this, it offers ready-made templates and automation features. The fact that nonprofit board meetings are an order of magnitude less frequent than for-profit companies, you can easily, quickly, and securely share the necessary materials and links with the rest of the participants inside the secure space. All data can be stored in the space indefinitely, and all information is transmitted in real-time, so before the meeting, participants can log in and refresh their memories properly. Having small discussions before the meeting itself can be a useful practice to prioritize issues for discussion, and you can have those discussions in encrypted chats of the best board portals. Having electronic signatures makes it easier for the board to approve minutes, and video conferencing features can help guarantee an emergency meeting, because that way, exactly everyone on the board can attend, from anywhere in the world and on any device. 

Board portals for nonprofits improve governance

The recent financial crisis has demonstrated to all companies how important it is to pay proper attention to governance, and that applies to nonprofits as well. A quality governance structure can help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently, and improve your company’s productivity. The best board portals not only serve as a secure repository but also minimize many problems caused by human error that can lead to data breaches, fraud, and more.

One recent common problem has been the inability to access sensitive documents at any time. But the secure digital space of best board portals allows authorized users to easily access all the data they need anytime, anywhere, and from any device. The best board portals offer remote destruction features, in case your gadget is lost or stolen. 

Board portals can solve many security problems 

One of the heavy burdens of board responsibility is security as a sub-item of risk management responsibilities. For a nonprofit board, this can be a real problem because their budget isn’t big enough to afford to form an IT team of professionals to take care of your security, but they can hire an IT professional as a board member. At this point, using the best board portals can be a great base for universal security. 

Spaces use built-in security, anti-virus, dual-authentication data encryption, and document access and interaction management features. Also, the best whiteboard portals have monitoring features and automatic reporting of user actions. This allows for a more transparent system of their activity and accountability.

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